Polymer Mana Teb is started up by more than 2 decades experienced management and is active in medical equipment and instruments 
The most valuable asset of our company is our human resources

Polymer Mana Teb's medical team has the most expert and experienced staffs in this field. As main core of our company philosophy, we highly believe in the team who are doing the process and the tasks. For having result oriented cooperation, we need high quality product and the high teamwork index of supplier to provide necessary requirement of customer satisfaction. Because of our deep relation with market demands as representing agent in local market, we need this intimate teamwork.
We rely on our core assets of human resources and modern management systems which makes the group a trusted partner to medical specialist by providing solutions, training and regular support services

Polymer Mana Teb is used to increase the customer satisfaction by dealing honestly, providing qualified products, and continuous after-sales services by the best experts, developing of information technology to improve organizational procedures, presentation applications and enhance user knowledge of our efforts

Our Vision   

We aim to distribute high quality medical products throughout the country

Our Mission   

Save a person's life Save the life of society

 We work out to improve the health industry in Iran by providing high quality products and good after sales services.


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