Polymer Mana Teb




Polymer Mana Teb is started up by more than 2 decades experienced management and is active in medical equipment and instruments .The most valuable asset of our company is our human resources

Polymer Mana Teb's medical team has the most expert and experienced staffs in this field. As main core of our company philosophy, we highly believe in the team who are doing the process and the tasks. For having oriented cooperation as a result, we need high quality products beside high teamwork index with suppliers to provide requirements of customer efficiently in order to reach their satisfaction. Because of our deep relation with market demands as representing agent in local market, we need this intimate teamwork. We rely on our human resources and modern management system as our main assets which make PMTMED Co. a trusted partner for medical specialists by providing solutions, training, regular supports and services. Polymer Mana Teb is used to increase the customer satisfaction by dealing honestly and providing qualified products beside reasonable price. Continuous after-sales service by using of best experts is considered as an ace up our sleeve. In addition, developing of information technology for improving organizational procedures and presenting applications are some of our duties to enhance user knowledge.